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We are a Bulgarian web-design, web-development and web-hosting company with 5 years of experience. Lately, we have specialized in the area of the real estate websites and scripting. We have also developed many other personal and business websites.


  1. You can contact us with your project idea so we can discuss it by email or phone.
  2. We shall prepare a proposal for you describing all products and services we can offer you according to the information you have provided us about your project (website).
  3. We can discuss every point in the proposal again before a contract is signed.
  4. You are paying 50% of the price for your project. If the contract is prepared in more than one step/level - you are paying the money for the first step only. Then you are paying on every level/step.
  5. According to the terms and deadlines set in the contract we are showing you the result of our work uploaded on our server, so we can discuss all fixes and tuning needed.
  6. When the website is fully completed according to the contract points, you are paying the remaining 50% of the price.
  7. We deliver the website on your server with all functions set up. In case of errors or problems we are repairing everything or consultating you what to do for the website to make it function (in case of server issues).
  8. Later you can always contact us for fixes or order upgrades.


Internet is not always a secure place. There are many companies making false/scam offers. We are not that way!

We can show you the results of the work we are doing for you in every moment on our server if you request so. Also in some stage of the project development if you decide that we have not completed our tasks correctly we shall return your money according to the signed contract. However in this case the scripts and services you have offered will not be delivered to you (your server), because you have denied them.


  1. We shall use the information you are providing us for the purposes of developing your project ONLY.
  2. We shall not give your name, address, email or any other data to a third party.
  3. If you want us to delete all the communication after we finish your website, we shall delete it immediately.
  4. We shall not outsource projects or give them to other companies.
  5. If you request a more specific privacy policy for the time you work with our company we shall place it in the contract.


For more infomation, please contact us at:
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Telephone: +359 878 220 110

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